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Mio Estate Agents Apps

Estate Agents Apps

A smarter way to manage the home buying process mio for Buyers/Sellersmio for Estate Agents

Sales Progression Software - Why Mio?

Buying and selling homes is still rated as one of the most complicated and stressful experiences you’ll go through.

Lack of visibility, poor communication and not knowing who’s doing what and when are some of the main causes of stress, uncertainty and ultimately the reason why many property transactions fall through. Our sales progression software makes managing the home buying process easy and simple. Contact us today to find out more about our estate agent software and apps.

that's why we developed mio...

A little help with your big move

mio makes the process of buying and selling homes more transparent

mio for Buyers/Sellersmio for Estate Agents
Mio Estate Agents Apps - phone displaying the mio application property chain view

Fall-Through Rate reduced to 20% (Cardiff pilot 2018) from national average of 33-35%

55% would pull out of a transaction due to lack of visible progress

49% of 18-34 year olds would like daily notifications to their smartphone

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