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A refreshing take on estate agents’ attitudes to sales progression

refreshing approach to sales progression

We found Christopher Watkin’s recent interview with Dan Marsden particularly thought-provoking. It provides an interesting and somewhat refreshing take on the property industry today and offers an unreserved view on the importance of sales progression.  

The importance of sales progression is something that we strongly believe in at mio. Jon Horton, product director at mio, commented:

“It’s refreshing to hear someone who shares our sentiments about sales progression. It is the most crucial part of the journey and, at mio, we have a market leading product to manage a “connected” chain which helps to speed up pipeline turnover.” 

Let’s delve deeper into what Dan Marsden says about sales progression: 

Dan Marsden highlights a widely held view that being an estate agent is a pretty straightforward business, and although this may be true for some elements of the job such as deciding the right price for a property and putting it on Rightmove, there is a lot more to it than that. He argues that to be a truly effective estate agent, you must work towards sales progression, which is a much more challenging task. 

It’s no secret that sales progression can be very stressful, frustrating and take up a lot of time, but we’re in total agreement with Dan that it is absolutely fundamental. Dan argues that agents need to stop trying to shift the blame to solicitors when sale times are delayed and begin thinking about what they can do to speed things up themselves. Without this kind of approach, sales can drag on for months or fall through entirely. At mio, we cannot agree more. 

How can agents do this?

mio’s sales progression tool enables agents and solicitors to work together collaboratively with a shared vision of the chain to speed up the sale. This helps to put an end to the dangerous ‘blame game’ between agents and conveyancers.  

With mio, agents can build relationships across the chain and use the automated milestone updates to generate informed conversations. mio also enables agents to allocate resources and attention to priority tasks, to keep the team engaged and the process moving. 

How do estate agents improve sales progression?

Dan makes several suggestions for how agents can overcome issues with sales progression.


At the core of effective sales recruitment is recruitment. Dan advises that agents focus on hiring the right person for the job, even if that means spending more money on someone more qualified. Hire someone who is experienced and confident in sales progression, as ultimately, your revenue is dependent on the sales completing. 


Dan says that in his experience, in most agencies there is only one or two dedicated sales progressors and the rest of the team do not get involved. He believes that sales progression should be at the heart of the company. We agree that this is where training is essential. 

Investing in effective training for all staff is invaluable. It’s the only way to ensure everyone knows how to excel at progressing a sale and it can really add value to your business. 


Communication can be a real differentiating factor when it comes to being an excellent estate agent, and we couldn’t agree more.  

It’s vital to keep everyone in the chain informed and ensure that clients know what they need to do next and keep the process moving, which involves communicating with all parties in the chain. This results in happier clients, fantastic testimonials, and all-important referrals!  

With mio, agents don’t need to waste hours on phone calls or sending emails back and forth. Instead, everyone can stay updated within the mio app, with the fantastic instant messaging feature. 

mio also helps agents to detect potential issues early, allowing them to keep their sale on track and communicate with their vendors. 


mio is revolutionising sales progression as we know it. It is the best sales progression tool in the market today because facilitates closer collaboration, improves productivity and creates a connected chain. 

When you invest in mio, you open the door to the modern world of estate agency. It enables all agents to execute sales progression with ease, not just sales progressors. 

Contact us today to arrange your demo and start 2020 with a new outlook on sales progression!

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