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An Estate Agent’s 7 Step Guide to Local SEO

As an Estate Agent, it is important to achieve local online visibility to reach your target audience and become known in your area. You can achieve this by implementing a successful digital marketing strategy which focuses on boosting local SEO. Here are our simple top tips to get you started.

1.Set up Google My Business

When someone searches online for an Estate Agent, Google will use their location to present them with an Agent in their local area. These results will appear in a box above any other listings in the search results and help increase your online visibility. However, to get to this position, you need to set up Google My Business, optimise your profile and keep it up-to-date. You should provide detailed information, including your address, phone number, opening times or even add images.

For Agents with multiple branches, you must ensure that you have a separate page on your website for each of your branches and manage each location separately within your Google My Business profile. 

2. Business address on website

It is key for Google to understand where your business is located in order for your website to gain local visibility. This is why it is important to include your full address on your website; it’s best practice to include this in the footer of every page.

3. Location keywords

SEO involves making your website relevant for the terms for which you’d like to appear in the search results. If someone searches for an Estate Agent in a specific area or even on a popular road, you need to optimise your website for relevant terms and keywords to appear in the search results. This means using these keywords throughout your site and within your blog content.

In order to identify relevant keywords for your site, take a look at ‘people also search for’ in the search results and look at the metadata (title tag and meta description on the listing) of local agents that rank well for location-related terms.

4. Links from local sites

In SEO, a link from one site to another acts as a vote of confidence and helps boost visibility in the search results. However, you can help improve local online visibility by gaining links from local websites. This could be a local sports team, school or charity, for instance, so to make a start, you could get in touch with local partners and councils. 

5. Positive Google reviews

In order for your business to build a strong local online presence and appear at the top of the search results, you should ensure that customers are able to leave reviews. Reviews are valuable as they can improve Google rankings but also demonstrate the quality of your services to prospective client

Integrate asking for reviews into your wider marketing strategy so it becomes a habit, or consider making this process automated through email follow ups.

6. Local Business schema

LocalBusiness schema are tags which you can add to the HTML of your website in order to enhance the description it shows on Google search results. It enables Google to pull through star ratings or reviews to your listing in the search results, encouraging more users to click on your site. Ask your website developer or website provider for assistance with this.

7. Create valuable local content and stand out from the competition

As an Estate Agent, you are known as an expert in your local area, and not just in house prices but local schools, amenities and communities. Why not showcase your expertise to prospective clients and start creating valuable online content?

We recommend starting a blog and writing with your local clients in mind, answering their questions and building trust. A great starting point for content is answering the questions you personally get asked most often; this can also be used to build out your FAQ page and create dedicated blog articles to answer more complex questions on your blog.You could also consider researching commonly searched questions and create content around this to help you rank above your competitors in Google’s search results.

If you don’t have time to create content yourselves, you could consider hiring an in-house content creator or get in touch with a Digital Marketing agency for content and SEO support.

mio offers a simple way to speed up sales progression, helping you provide your clients with efficient communication, transparency and excellent customer service. This can help your branch gain a higher online star rating, valuable positive reviews and improve your online presence locally. mio can also be integrated into your marketing strategy, giving you a unique edge over competitors, appeal to digital savvy clients and win more instructions. 

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