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Best practices for standardising your processes across multiple branches to achieve consistent customer service

As your business expands across multiple branches, it can be challenging to maintain a recognisable, reputable brand and keep customer service levels consistently high. The key to building brand loyalty, protecting your reputation and maintaining a strong brand presence is standardising processes across your business. 

Check out our best practices below:

Step 1: Develop your training process

Investing in training for your team is essential for boosting performance and creating important efficiencies that will help you compete with other agents in your area. 

In order to run multiple successful and profitable branches, creating an efficient and standardised training programme is key. This means ensuring that the process is the same across all branches so the same high standards of customer service can be maintained. Implementing a streamlined training process also helps to create efficiencies and keep training costs down. 

Having a good level of knowledge on legal matters is also particularly important for employees, in order to communicate with conveyancers and customers effectively on legal issues. Staff across all branches must be knowledgeable. Bad or incorrect advice given by staff at one branch can be detrimental for the entire business, which is why building this into a rigorous training programme is vital.

Step 2: Standardise the recruitment processes

Standardising your recruitment process across your business will be beneficial for all branches. An effective recruitment process can help your business to reduce the number of false starters, which are a lot more common than you may think; almost 30% of job seekers have left a job within the first 90 days of starting? Not only can false starters be extremely costly for your business but they can also waste a lot of valuable time, as you have to restart the recruitment and training process from the beginning.

Introducing a standardised and effective training practice can help to reduce staff turnover and get new employees up to standard quickly. Not only does this help new employees to integrate into the company but it also benefits the business by ensuring that all staff provide the same level of exceptional customer service as existing staff from day 1. 

mio centralises all milestone updates and chains, which makes it a useful platform for tracking employee progress as it shows when milestones are overdue.

Step 3: Invest in technology

Investing in property technology for all branches, like mio, is a great way to standardise your buying and selling process and ensure customers get a consistent experience across branches. It also helps your team to streamline tasks and save time, allowing them to provide the best possible customer service. 

Matt Nicol, from Nicol & Co shared that: “mio has been a great help to our staff, lightening the work-load when it comes to sales progression and keeping us organised; everyone says how useful it is. The team has so much more time to spend on other things while mio takes care of sales progression i.e. keeping clients in the loop with regular updates, identifying potential issues along the chain and setting tasks for clients to keep the sale moving along.”

If you can hone your training, recruitment and technology use across your business, everyone will start to see the benefits. After all, when it comes to multiple branches, success for one is success for all. 

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