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A Guide to the Young Homebuyer

As the property market continues to change, we see an increase in the number of young homebuyers beginning to make their way back onto the ladder. Yet, this younger breed of homebuyer still remains somewhat of an enigma to us. What can we learn about this group and how can we as agents, help them?

Download our guide for in-depth insights every agent needs to prepare for the next generation of aspiring homebuyers:

  • Explore the impact that government schemes are having on young homebuyer’s decisions and how you can use this information to your advantage.
  • Find out exactly where in England young buyers are most interested; it could be closer to you than you think!
  • Learn what the  top seven priorities are for young homebuyers when it comes to choosing a property and, with this, put yourself in a better position to cater for their needs.
  • Delve deep into how the changing attitudes and needs of these young buyers will affect the role of estate agents all over England, both currently and for the future.

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