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How technology can support your business with agile working

As we all face new challenges, we are required to make certain changes and adapt to developing situations. In some cases, there will be aspects that will be out of our control, however there are a few things we can do to make our jobs easier and go some way to overcoming these challenges. One of the most important things you can do in order to keep a sense of continuity and keep productivity levels high is to provide your teams with the right technology to support agile working processes and ensure that you can deliver the same high quality service from wherever you are.

We appreciate that technology can seem like a big investment for many, especially in uncertain times. That’s why mio is now free for the rest of 2020 for new and existing agents alike. By adopting the right technology,  you’ll not only reap the benefits in the long-term but see immediate value from the get-go with your agents able to work anywhere and anytime. 

Connect with clients remotely

In this day and age, almost everything is done online; you’re no longer expected to be fiddling about with pens, paper and filing cabinets which usually leads to misplaced documents and unnecessary costs on office supplies.

In order to get in touch with a client, all you need to do is quickly push an email over or give them a call. However, even writing an email can take some time and clients can be hard to get hold of over the phone. So, when you’ve got tens of customers to deal with, this time really adds up. However, it’s so important to ensure that you’re maintaining a close client-agent relationship, particular during difficult times.

Using sales progression software, like mio, provides an effective solution for this, enabling you to store all your notes in one place and providing you with updates on where you are at in the process. It also has a handy instant messaging feature, which can save you time spent chasing clients, meaning you can access all the documents you need from your smartphone. It provides you with an effective solution to help you keep track of tasks and keep structure to your days which can be most useful when working from home. Paul Sanders, Sales Manager at Wainwright Estate Agents comments:

“Personally, I find that mio keeps me on track and makes it easier not to get sidetracked. I can clearly see what is expected of me every day, I can tick everything off and work at full efficiency. I get a reminder to chase things and get things done. I can just look at a screen and know where I am with each sale; without a prompt I could forget about tasks.”

Agile working has become increasingly important to keep businesses up and running in these unprecedented times, and for many, technology is one of the key facilitating factors. For agents in particular, virtual viewings, video conferencing and smart collaboration tools have never been so vital to stay in operation. Maurice Kilbride, a top estate agent from the Cheadle & Stockport area comments:

“Out of adversity springs hope and the property industry has really rallied round and working collaboratively to ensure agencies continue and come out the other side leaner, employing better practices, systems, technology and communication and ready to hit the ground running.”

Time equals money

Sometimes, time savings can be just as important as money savings and, typically, the two go hand-in-hand. Using technology like mio, designed to improve sales progression and keep agents proactive, ensures everyone is on track and that tasks are completed as soon as possible which, in turn, can save your business time and therefore money.

It’s no longer necessary for agents to designate entire afternoons to focus on sales progression; with mio, you can do it as you go. This means there’s more time for agents to get on with other tasks and won’t waste time writing up emails or chasing vendors on the phone. A simple app notification does the job in a fraction of the time.

Empower your staff, don’t replace them

Another great thing about adopting sales progression technology in your business is that everyone becomes a sales progressor!

Equip your existing teams with the tools they need to do the job, which will subsequently help to improve sales time across the board. This is particularly important given the challenges we’re currently facing. Agents who choose to adopt technology are in a better position to reassure their clients on pre-agreed sales and keep these processes going wherever possible.

Paul Sanders, sales manager at Wainwright Estate Agents comments:

“It is not uncommon for estate agents to neglect sales progression because they think selling properties is their only job.This attitude can potentially lead to sales lost due to lack of communication and unforeseen issues. However, if agents can keep on top of the process and chase everyone regularly, they can take control of sales and be on top of their game.”

In the long-run, cutting-edge technology like mio will lead the way to modernising the world of estate agents, saving agents both time and money, and helping them to ‘keep calm and carry on’ as much as possible with any challenge that may be thrown their way.

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