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How to empower your agents to win more instructions

One of the many challenges estate agents face is winning instructions, particularly with increased competition for less stock and the focus on fees still a hot topic. It is becoming increasingly important to stand out and earn a reputation in your area for providing an outstanding and unique service, as even if competitors place emphasis on their low fees, clients are more concerned with finding an agent that provides them with a high-quality customer experience.

When a vendor first gets in contact with an estate agent, they form an impression within the first few seconds of interaction, so it’s essential that excellence is maintained from the very start of the process until the end. The key is to impress on your staff the importance of communication and transparency and arm your teams with the tools they need to offer a great customer experience. This will help to ensure that clients choose your services over any others in the area.

The importance of great communication 

Communication is crucial when it comes to building trust with clients, winning more instructions, making more successful sales and, ultimately, getting more referrals and repeat customers. Clients will only refer friends if they believe the services they are recommending are top-notch; no one wants to recommend bad services and discredit themselves! 

Many agents make the mistake of hiding bad news from clients in attempt to keep them content, however this can often backfire. It is best practice to keep everyone updated as soon as possible and maintain 100% transparency (even if it’s undesirable news!).

The best way to ensure you are providing ‘referable’ services begins with great communication. Conversations need to be more than just transactional and agents need to build personable relationships through clear communication. In order to provide fantastic customer experience, agents need to communicate along the chain and ensure collaboration between themselves and conveyancers to keep the sales process going smoothly. 

With sales progression and communication at its core, mio helps agents keep the conversation going and ensures that everyone in the chain is kept updated at a time that suits them with a real-time view of the process.

Invest in training and in your team 

Branch managers have hefty boots to fill when it comes to empowering agents to win instructions and an important step to take is investing the time, and maybe even money, to train the team. Sarah Edmundson, co-director of AllStars, the nationwide provider of estate agency training courses, believes that the right training can equip agents with the right skills and confidence to work collaboratively, increase performance and productivity, and achieve overall business goals. 

Moreover, with the right training, an agency can implement an efficient working structure and streamline their processes. Efficient processes will lead to improved sales progression and better returns. 

All of this resonates well with customers and establishes a level of consistency that competitors may not have, making your services more desirable to buyers and vendors alike.

Empower agents with modern technology

Empower your team with cutting-edge technology, like mio, that’ll make your services stand out and give your agents an advantage over competitors. Excite clients with the idea of modern estate agent practices, real-time updates and show potential clients that you are modern, flexible and transparent.

The mio consumer app is an agent’s secret weapon with many features such as instant messaging, milestone updates and a shared view of the chain all  empowering agents to effortlessly provide the best customer services and help establish an immaculate reputation that’ll win more instructions. 

Win more instructions with mio. Contact us today to arrange your demo and hear more about our introductory offer!

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