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How Does It Work?

Move it on

mio is a B2B sales progression platform and communication tool designed to provide estate agents with a smarter way to manage the home buying process.

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Keep it moving

mio makes the process transparent, connecting everyone in the chain, and providing timely updates so you can keep track of exactly what’s happening at all times. The result? Happier customers, reduced fall through rates and quicker moves.

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Five Simple Steps

  1. Build your chain, connecting everyone involved in the transaction 
  2. Update milestones within the platform and check off tasks when complete
  3. Push notifications and reminders to your clients through the customer app to update them on progress and prompt them to act 
  4. Send direct messages to your customers through the platform
  5. Input information straight into the platform
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“Since adopting mio, everything has changed for the better. With the timescales and milestones in particular, I feel a lot more confident in my sales chasing.”
Lucy Luxton, Branch Manager

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