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mio helps to keep momentum and improve customer service for Abbotts Countrywide, Basildon

We caught up with Jade Turnham, Senior Executive Branch Manager at Abbotts, Basildon to find out what difference mio has made to their business.

“As a team, we needed something a little bit more structured than what we were already doing and mio provides that for us; we all love mio here.

There’s mixed ability levels in our office, so mio was a great way to get us all on the same page – and for the less experienced staff to understand the process and the order of tasks. It’s an easy way of mapping out the journey in a really user-friendly way.

The milestone feature is my favourite. To be able to see all the milestones, tick them off and see the dates each one was done is really useful. If someone calls in and asks when the searches were applied for, I can look in mio to see the date, as well as the date when they’re expected to come back in.

The consumer app is very simple for the buyers and sellers which is great. It’s especially good for first time buyers as it helps them to know what to do next without having to ring us up and write down word-for-word instructions. They can just pull up the app and read what’s next. The notifications to keep them updated are good, too.

mio helps to prevent delays because as soon as you’ve ticked one box you look at the next one. With searches, for example, sometimes you know that the client has paid, but you don’t actually find out automatically what date they were applied for, but mio helps us to keep the momentum going.

mio has helped us as a team to give our customers a better service because now everyone knows exactly the latest update and we  can see what’s happening within the same platform.

If everyone were to use mio we would all be on the same page all of the time. We would all know where our files were at – I’ve had a large number of calls today from different agents in a chain, but if they could just look in mio, they would be able to see it straight away without me having to give the same update time and time again. mio makes it so much easier to get the message across to everyone involved in a chain. I would absolutely recommend it.”

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