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mio helps to save time, reduce calls and train new employees for Fox and Sons, Tiverton

We caught up with Lucy Luxton, Branch Manager at Fox and Sons, Tiverton to find out what impact mio has helped their business.

“We were interested in mio because it looked like it could potentially save us time and it seemed like a great opportunity to try something new. We had the demo and got our logins the same day.

Everyone reacted really well to the platform and started using it straight away. It allows us to be much more efficient. For instance, with paper files,  you have to put the customer or solicitor on hold while you go and retrieve the file, whereas with mio, most of us already have the platform open, so it’s just a case of clicking for an update – which is a lot easier.

My favourite feature is the chain view because when another agent calls to check the chain, I can get it quickly. It’s so much easier now everything we’re using is computer-based; it’s all there in front of you when you log in.

mio makes it easier to provide updates and improves communication. It helps time-wise as well, as we get a lot of people calling for an update. Instead of the calls being automatically transferred to me, the guys in the office can provide an update via mio, which helps to filter the number of calls I get.

With mio, everything you need is in one place and easier for people to see; I use the notes system religiously. It saves so much time because there’s less calls, and with the instant messaging feature I can just copy and paste the update across without having to type it all out or call the buyer or seller up. It makes sales progression simpler and easier because everyone can see exactly what’s happening.

We have quite a few vendors and buyers using the consumer app and some of them use the instant messaging feature everyday. They really like how it flows, seeing what’s going to happen next and being notified when there’s an update.

We have an apprentice who uses it and she understands sales progression because of mio. She can look on there to see every stage of the process, read what’s happening and look at the flowchart to see what’s happening next. It’s really helped with her learning and been a really useful training tool for us because it’s so clear and easy to understand.

I would definitely recommend mio. If every agent had it, it would be amazing! If other agents had it they wouldn’t have to make as many calls chasing for all updates and if all agents were on mio it would save everybody time.”

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