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mio helps Your Move, Plymouth to tackle problems faster and be more organised

We spoke to Kelly Dillon, Senior Sales Consultant at Your Move, Plymouth about how mio has helped their business.

“We had a training course in Exeter way before lockdown. mio was exciting and new and it was great to have an age-old problem tackled.

When I started using mio I was all over it and absolutely loved it. It’s so nice to have everything in one place and I’m really getting used to it now.

I really like that you can go onto your recent cases without having to search it every time and that I can put my name to the sales I’m working on. 

We have a fair amount of buyers and sellers using the consumer app, I would say around 4 in 10. I think the more confident I get using mio, the more they will start to use it.

With mio, when someone calls up, I know exactly what they want and can get to the problem faster because I can see what stage they’re at and what the last milestone was. This means I can have an answer ready for them before they call back, which is better for me and for them.

mio has really helped with organisation and helps me clearly see where each sale is. It’s a bigger, better brighter system than we’ve had before.

Other agents should join so we can all sing from the same hymn sheet and work together. mio helps to grow confidence in the buyer and the seller and I would definitely recommend it.”

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