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Practical tips agents can give buyers and sellers as the property market resumes

For over two months, the Covid-19 outbreak left the property market largely on hold, with mandatory social distancing measures banning all viewings and restricting the completion of mortgage valuations.   Now, as lockdown measures are relaxed and the market begins to resume slowly, what practical advice can agents give eager house hunters to help them find their dream home?

A recent survey by HomeOwners Alliance & Resi found that only 79% of homeowners aged 25-34 are content with the home they chose to buy.  This is a relatively low number considering how much of a life-changing decision and investment it is to buy a property.

At mio, we believe that excellent communication is key at every stage of the property transaction, from viewings all the way through to completion. Right from the off, estate agents can provide value to their buyers and sellers by offering practical advice and tips on what aspects to focus on and key things to consider when buying or selling a property. By doing this, estate agents can help their clients to sell their properties more quickly and prevent home buyers from regretting buying their chosen property later down the line, boosting their client satisfaction rates in the process.


25% of unhappy homemovers said that they wished they had taken more notice of storage space. It may not be the most glamorous of features, but it is important nonetheless! Having the right storage solutions can transform how much usable space there is in a property.

Clutter can make rooms feel smaller, darker and restrict how the space is used, so it’s a good idea to encourage your clients to consider how much storage is available for items such as ironing boards, toys, hoovers and Christmas decorations when they are viewing potential properties.

If your sellers are concerned that storage space is limited and are struggling to sell their property, there are a number of practical ideas that you can share to help them make the most of the space and attract potential buyers. Resi Designer Sade Akinsanya suggests stacking washing machines and tumble dryers in cupboards neatly (and safely) on top of each to save on floor space, and using clever shelving in smaller bathrooms if there isn’t room for a standalone cabinet, to make the space appear bigger.


21% of disgruntled homemovers said the thing they regret most about their property is noise from neighbours or traffic. Noise from traffic and neighbours can interfere with day to day life and limit the amount of enjoyment and relaxation felt while at home, so it’s a really important consideration when showing your buyers potential properties. Consider arranging viewings at different times of the day, so they can see how the noise levels vary throughout the day, e.g. it’s likely to be much quieter on weekends than at 6pm on a weekday.

It’s also helpful to suggest to your clients different ways that noise can be minimised, e.g. using bookcases and thick blinds or curtains to create a quiet and cosy environment, making the property more attractive to potential buyers.

Very few of these issues should be major deal-breakers, so it’s your role as an estate agent to help homemovers to see the potential in the properties you show them, and offer practical solutions to help mitigate any issues to help them find a home they love.

But it shouldn’t stop there…

Once your buyers have had an offer accepted on their dream home, the work really begins! Here is where your clients are likely to need the most support and ask the most questions.

With mio, it’s easy to continue to provide hands-on advice to your clients as the transaction progresses through to completion. Using the instant messaging feature within the mio platform, you can respond to any queries with ease, helping your clients to feel confident and comfortable at every stage of the process.

Providing the best customer service possible to your clients will help to boost recommendations and positive reviews, which in turn can help you to build your reputation and win more listings!

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