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The Power of Storytelling

Storytelling – what does it mean when it comes to selling houses? Put simply, effective storytelling can be the difference between winning a listing or losing out to another agent. Why? Let’s explore further…

People buy from people

What do homemovers look for in an agent? Reasonable fees, good knowledge about the area, experience? Most agents you’re likely to be up against will be offering similar rates and possess these key qualities, so to differentiate yourself personality is key. Become the standout character that they’ll remember. 

Taking the time to chat and build rapport may seem like a given but when choosing between agents, many sellers will simply choose the one they like the most, especially when there is little else to separate them. If they like you and find you personable, chances are prospective buyers will too, so this will influence their decision. 

Stories help to build trust with vendors

Sharing anecdotes about how you have helped similar clients in the area is an effective way to build trust with vendors and win listings. Being able to demonstrate how you helped other vendors sell a similar property in the area for a good price, despite their concerns about x, y and z will help to reassure prospective sellers that they’re in safe hands if they choose you as their agent. 

People don’t buy ‘things’ they buy into experiences 

It takes more than fantastic interior design to make selling a property a piece of cake. It’s about identifying what makes a property unique and focusing on key features that may entice a potential buyer. Try to frame the features into a storyboard of enjoyable moments for the potential buyer. 

A beautiful kitchen island? Perfect for socialising with friends over a glass of wine while you’re cooking

Spacious bathroom with a large bath? Room for both of you to enjoy the kids’ bath time!

Bright window over the sink? You can enjoy sunset views over the garden while washing up and grow your own herbs!

It’s about how it makes you feel

Zoopla’s recent ads provide an excellent illustration of this. It’s not about having an extra bedroom, it’s about Billy’s unbridled joy that he no longer has to share a room with his little brother Dylan. And for Tia and Jake, it’s not about getting onto the property ladder, it’s about finally having the privacy and freedom to enjoy their life together as a young couple, without sharing a wall with Jake’s parents! 

Moving house is an emotionally charged and incredibly stressful experience, so engaging on a personal level is essential. In 9/10 cases, people have an emotive reason for moving. As an agent, it’s important to remember that the story you’re telling is not about the property itself but the life that the buyers could have if they lived there.

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