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Tips from Donetta Holland on a happy home move

We caught up with Donetta Holland from Robinson Reade to find out her top tips for homebuyers for a smooth and (almost) stress-free experience!

Tip 1

  • Say hello to whoever is helping you with your sale or purchase.  Get to know their voice and relax.

Tip 2

  • Talk to your agent and solicitor about what is worrying you… they are there to help take the pressure and give you options! 

Tip 3

  • Be kind to agents and your solicitor (I know, I can hear groans!) we are all here to help you.  If we only get paid when you complete, we want you to get through this as quickly as possible.  We honestly have no reason to hold things up.

Tip 4

  • If you are finding things hard, do please speak to someone.  We all want to help you.  You are not on your own.  A good agent and solicitor will walk with you every step if you need it.  (You may have to ask initially, as you may sound confident on the phone!)

Tip 5

  • Do not be embarrassed.  We have seen sights and heard tales of horror that would make Aunty Madge swoon, and nothing surprises us.  We are here to assist you through this.

There is no such thing as a silly question, just silly people who don’t ask them!  How many times have I heard vendors or buyers say; ‘I know this is a stupid question…’ Well if you don’t do this every day, how would you know if it was stupid?  Nerves play a big part here and the agents and solicitors often know this is the case just by that sentence alone.  

I try to be kind in these situations and reassure the client – vendor or buyer – they have asked a good question and make the process easier for them.  If and when larger matters crop up during the conveyance, they will be confident to ask for help from the agent or solicitor and get helpful solutions.  Less stress for them, and everyone else involved!

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