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Wynn and Walker Estates excited to get chains moving with mio

Michelle Whitehead from Wynn and Walker Estates in Adlington, Lancashire, shares how she’s seen the benefits of the sales progression app first-hand, beginning her mio journey as a client when she moved homes and choosing to subsequently adopt the software in her own branch. 

A personal introduction to mio 

“I was first introduced to mio when I was selling my own property so I was actually on the client-side of the app and was very quick to discover how efficient it was. It’s so easy just to tick off everything that has been completed in the process and get things moving a lot quicker. In fact, the sale of my property and the purchase of my new one only took 8 weeks in total using mio.

Then, from seeing how great mio was from a client-perspective, I started using it for myself as an agent in order to offer our clients the same excellent customer experience that I experienced first-hand.”

Our staff and vendors are excited to unlock the full potential of mio

“It’s still early days but everyone seems to be very open to mio and we’ve been getting positive feedback from potential vendors. Even despite buyers in Adlington being more traditional, they’re all keen to have the process easily accessible on their phone and think that logging in at any point to see progression will be useful. 

As for our staff, they’re all excited to see what mio can do for them. Like with any change, they can get apprehensive but once they see the potential of it and overcome the adoption phase then they can make the most of it.”

We’re all in it together and need to help each other

“I think the main reason agents neglect sales progression is because they are busy. It’s quite a manual process and it’s not always easy knowing who you need to chase and what stage the process is at, and it’s not always on your mind to phone a particular vendor; it’s also easy to lose track of time. Whereas, if you know where you are up to and who you need to chase then things don’t get forgotten; mio provides you with a prompt to get all your tasks done.

mio also helps communications between agents. It’s never easy but, at the end of the day, we’re all in this together and if we can help each other by keeping everyone informed along the chain then we can all get more sales through.”

Modernise to keep up with changing client demands

“We use technology everyday and it has become part of our lives now. It plays a key part in a lot of industries so why should the property industry be any different?

Technology will help the property industry move forward and modernise to keep up with changing client demands. Of course, you will always get reluctance from some, regardless of industry, with people who prefer phone calls and pen and paper, but if we want to be proactive and encourage our buyers to be too, we need to move forward and do our bit.”

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